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Friday, 11 November 2011

Stena Plus

A recommendation for you, if you are ever crossing between Fishguard and Rosslare on the Stena Line ferry: pay the extra and travel Stena Plus. For an extra 16 quids per person per crossing, you get:
  • Access to a quiet lounge
  • Comfy chairs (those aircraft-type things, but also proper armchairs)
  • Free red or white wine, soft drinks, coffee, tea, chocolate etc
  • Free pastries, nibbles, fruit, etc
  • A steward to look after you
  • A restaurant in the quiet area so you can eat in peace and quiet
  • Papers, TV and free internet and wi-fi
  • (cough) A slightly more exclusive class of fellow-traveller.
You turn up, you are greeted and treated as a human being, couple of glasses of wine, you can rest or sleep, you can fill up on biscuits and cakes, and read the papers or watch TV or surf the net until you arrive. For £16 a head it is a complete bargain. The Ireland ferry has a reputation for being a drinkers' special, and this way you avoid all that.

We have done this for the last two crossings, and have decided that we will never travel any other way. Highly recommended.


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