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- George Washington

Monday, 14 November 2011

Some Views of Ireland

A walk in the pouring rain around Rush Harbour ...

Down soaking wet streets to the Harbour Bar ...

And a pint in front of the fire.

Alfie (11 years) and Dot (5 months) ...

Window display at Connemara Tweeds, Clifden ...

Detail -

No wonder polar bears are the poster children for the greenies. I had to forcibly stop Anna from breaking in and stealing them.


  1. Thank you; that's really appreciated.

  2. I can almost taste that lovely Guiness now. It really is good for you.

  3. It makes you feel nice, that's true. And yes, it does taste different over here.

    Anna says she quite likes it, but didn't realise you could get it in half-pints until I had one last night. Now she knows she doesn't have to drink a whole one she might be tempted.


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