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Friday, 25 November 2011

Change and Decay, In All Around I See

From this week, bin collections have been changed from Tuesday to Friday.

This is going to take a while to bed in. After 20 years, my body clock (in 'weekly' mode) had just about got used to Tuesday.


  1. Let me guess - immediately following the change, rather than you having a collection on the Tues & Friday of the same week, they'll make you wait a week & a half?

  2. But of course.

    We had got used to the rule of thumb that, if it's all out by 10 am, it will be collected. Now they have to be out by 6.30 am, accoprding to the CC website. Bollocks to that. I put them out at 10.30 and they got collected OK.

    At least we still have a weekly collection. Pembrokeshire aren't as bad as some.

  3. Don't go east, young man. Three different colours of bin; two colours go out one week, the other colour the alternate weeks - except when there is a Bank Hol when the Refuse Disposal Chief Exec presses the 'nudge' or 'random' button to keep all on their toes. And don't put 'brown' things in the 'blue' bin etc as 'they' won't collect at all and you will be banished into 'recyclable material' limbo - the only worse sin is having put sufficient stuff into the bin to keep the bin lid a peep open. And don't put glass in the recycling bin - they don't recycle glass. And you can get fined for putting bins out at inappropriate times.

    I would judge putting a bin out at 10:30 when it should be out at 6:30am as highly inappropriate.

  4. Hmmm. I could live without all that.

    Pembrokeshire have it about right, I think. Black bag for general waste, orange for recyclables. Glass to the bottle bank separately. We compost nearly all the food waste, so that's not an issue. It's a simple system, and easily followed without much effort or brainwork. Hence compliance is high.


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