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- George Washington

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


The house refurbishment that has been dominating our lives for the last eight weeks is now almost over. Everything now works as it should. The windows wind, the kitchen kitches, the heating heats, the bathroom baths, and the hot water pipes pipe hot water. All we have to do now is move everything from its random and chaotic distribution round the few unaffected parts of the house and we will be back to normal. No workmen, no Radio Fucking One, no endless coffee-making (sixty-three sugars, love!), no dog getting covered in paint and no cat cowering in the woodstore.




If we still smoked, we'd be sharing a cigarette.

Tomorrow, we go to Ireland for a few days. Play nicely.


  1. Radio One still going?

    I stopped taking my car to a garage to be serviced mainly because I was fed up of having to spend the next month trying to retune the radio back to R4.

    Enjoy the Emerald isle!

  2. I always have my car radio tuned to R1 on button 1 for that very reason - a hope that they will use that and leave the rest alone. As far as I can tell, Radio 1 is now staffed exclusively by female DJs with voices that sound like they have smoked 60 a day for 20 years. Most of it washes over my head like aircraft noise, but there were a couple of pleasant tracks which came round a few times. One featured a nice bit of Spanish guitar, but I didn't catch the name of the artiste. Oh well.

  3. The windows "wind". Isn't that what car ones do? I thought house windows either slid up & down (see, I'm old enough to remember sash windows), or swung open...

    My car neither has a radio, or goes to a garage, so Radio 1 is something I usually manage to avoid. In fact most aircraft noise is preferable, particularly it it's coming from an old radial engine...

    Or better still, four of them!!

  4. "If we still smoked, we'd be sharing a cigarette."

    Have a bacon sandwich instead! :)

  5. MDave - the windows 'wind' in the same way the kitchen 'kitches', i.e. not at all, or only in my fevered imagination. Aircraft noise is preferable, dB for dB, if only because it merely deafens, it does not irritate. Nor do I have to listen to it while reminding myself that I am paying for it through my taxes.

    JuliaM - LOL, although it doesn't sound too good, does it? "What are the three best things in life?" "A drink before and a bacon sandwich after."

    Although, on second thoughts ...


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