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- George Washington

Saturday, 23 April 2011

St George's Day

Wishing you all the very best for England's national day.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to the rancid old git, too.


  1. As St Georges day clashes with Easter it has been moved to 2nd May, at least it's on a bank holiday for once

    I never really worked out why we celebrate a Roman soldier born in Palestine who had his head chopped of in Turkey

    What about Duke of Wellington day or Nelson day?

    I grant you he does look good on sovereigns but on balance I’d rather back a winner

  2. Can you move a saints day? Surely a saint, who performed a "miracle" under the definitions of Christianity, would be appropriate for Easter?

    As a non-believer, I'd rather celebrate something the English had achieved, but I'm quite happy to say: "Happy Shakespeare's Birthday Day".

  3. The supermarkets can't seem to decide what to promote, with Easter, St George's Day and the Royal Wedding all on top of each other!

  4. I had heard something about St George's Day being moved to later in the year, but then I thought - bollocks. It's 23 April. As I understand it, there was a St George cult (he was a Christian martyr) in England long before the Norman Conquest, and was regarded as patron saint of England by the C14. So the reasons are lost in the mists of time, I suppose.

    The trouble with having Trafalgar Day or Nelson Day is that it is bound to offend foreigners, and offending foreigners is almost a capital offence amongst our elders and betters, so I doubt if it will happen. The best we could hope for is a Diversity Day on Nelson Mandela's birthday or something.

    I'd agree with a Shakespeare Day, though. Probably the finest writer in English that has ever lived (to those who actually read him rather then resist him), and a genuine English achievement.

    I have seen a Wilberforce Day suggested, to commemorate our role in the abolition of slavery, but again that is too muddled up with our role in the trade prior to that, and the Left wouldn't agree.

    Any other suggestions?

  5. I'm not sure how far my tongue is in my cheek for this (depends on my most recent experience, I think). 5th July because the National Health Service started on 5 July 1948. It is the one current institution which everybody in the country can use.

    But also agree with Shakespeare Day (in my solipsistic universe I'd have 8th January as David Bowie Day - betraying my age and my nostalgia - but it is a bit close to New Year etc).

    It does beg the question really - who alive today would we commemorate in the future?

  6. Hmmm. NHS Day is a bit too close to Glorious Leader and Protector Of His Grateful People Day for my liking.

    As for who we would commemorate from today - that's a hard one. Almost every figure who has made a significant impact on English society (take Margaret Thatcher and Aneurin Bevan for balance) would be too political. Pop stars (even the illustrious Mr Jones) are essentially transient phenomena and would not make sense to people in 100 years' time. I would suggest someone who is widely popular, uncontroversial, essentially English, and has done more to provide harmless pleasure for the British public than any other. May I suggest 11 April?

    Jeremy Clarkson Day!

  7. With someone who is widely popular, uncontroversial, essentially English, we're essentially back to Shakespeare again - although he was probably controversial in his time.

    But in the spirit of Jeremy Clarkson, maybe I could suggest 1st May?

    Joanna Lumley Day. Ok sweetie darling!

  8. The trouble I have with Shakespeare is he was a bit of a wuss and probably a leftie

    So may I present for consideration

    General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Baaah)

    King Arthur

    Jenny Agutter

  9. @Windsock: "It is the one current institution which everybody in the country can use."

    Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs Day??? Celebrated every day from Jan 1 to June 12.

    I'd vote for Churchill Day, 30th November, and who cares if it offends anyone who may have lost a war against the lad?

  10. I'm with ende-88. A Churchill day to remind everyone on both sides of the channel what his victory has stood for.

  11. The British Council is celebrating good ol' Soviet Hero Yuri Gagarin?
    Why not Sir Frank Whittle? 1 June or 9 August?

  12. @ Paul - Shakespeare a leftie? Too intelligent. Now, I could get into Jenny Agutter, in a manner of speaking.

    @ Endo/Joe - Churchill Day sounds promising. Funny how the Left can misogynistically attack Mrs Thatcher for being a Tory, but give Churchill virtually a free ride. And I for added desirability, I would quote Captain Ranty's caption to his image of the great man: 'fuck off - the cigar stays'.

    @Brian - Why not Frank Whittle? Because he was intelligent and enterprising, and was therefore probably a Tory. Gagarin, on the other hand, was young and socialist, and ideal fodder for commemoration.


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