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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Mod or Rocker?

I came out as a superannuated rocker in a post last year, so no surprises for guessing my answer to that one. But perhaps you are unsure of your own allegiances? If so, take this quiz.

It's a gem from Motor Cycle News, December 1963. Click for bigger.

I got 20.

(Incidentally, anyone fancy having a go at deconstructing that jacket? The cartoon characters just look bizarre. The 'young girl wanted' was an innocent enough ambition at the time, but seems faintly pervy now. The message that 'the overtaker gets(?) the undertaker' shows either a catastrophic lack of self-awareness or an ironic acceptance of fate (after all, what rocker would say that he didn't overtake because he was afraid?). And of course, his advertised vehicle is a '650 Bonneville 120', naturally. The iconic rocker's transport. Life was so much simpler in 1963.)


  1. Fogey: 18 points.

    I think I lost it on the question about hair. :)

  2. Did the survey - reckons I'm a mocker

    (with thanks to R Starkey)

  3. Definitely still a rocker after 40 years since I scored 20, though I've also gotta be a fogey by now.

    As for the jacket your analysis looks spot on to me, though at the time there was a tendency to have whatever took your fancy on the jacket (as opposed to the standard stuff you see, like the number 13 and so on), so the cartoon characters probably give a good insight into the wearer's mentality. I don't believe you could begin to analyze those without knowing the individual.

    As an aside (apologies for being off-topic) I read your excellent article on the scottoiler, and that tempted me to go for one myself since I also have a Bonneville. After all these years, surprisingly, this is my first experience of the scottoiler. Previously I've dunked the chain in melted wax on the stove, until the demise of the split link, then all sorts of solutions from brushing chain oil on to eventually using that Piri dry lube in a spray can. That was a pain since if you go out in the wet the chain has to be re-lubed cos it washes off, though it is good stuff.

    Anyway I digress - I could do with re-reading your articles on the scottoiler but can't find them, because I'm in deep thought mode about which way to attach the drip feed and nozzle to the swing arm. I don't really want to use glue since if it comes away it could damage the powder coating, and the nozzle clamp which attaches to the rear wheel spindle looks like it would be a pain when adjusting the chain. Any ideas would be much appreciated, and thanks for those excellent articles.

  4. @Canajun - I played a little creative with the hair question, or I would have been 19 and a fogey. I kind of read an unspoken 'if I had any' to b). I'm thinking back to the quiff and the Brylcreem, which was regarded as old skool even then.

    @PJG - I always though Ringo was more a rod than a mocker. The sharp suits and the neat fringes ... mostly Mod.

    @Anonymous - thanks for those kind words. Glad to hear of another Bonnie owner. If you want to pop me an email (details in the Contact page above) then I can say more about the Scottoiler install. In brief: glue doesn't affect the coating IME; I am thinking of changing the axle mounting for the nozzle for the very reason you give. I adjusted the chain last week, and getting the nozzle back into position took twice as long as doing the chain. Needs a re-think, but it will be the end of the week before I get round to it. The Scottoiler posts were here:1, 2, 3, 3. Or there is a search function bottom right.

    Thanks for the memories of Linklyfe. Mmmm.

  5. Last '3' should be '4', of course.


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