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Friday 8 April 2011

Interesting Registration Number

I've been meaning to post this for a while, but never saw the vehicle when I had a camera on me. Today I did ...


  1. That's a good one Richard.

    I believe Sheen's mate, MotoGP commentator Steve Parrish owns PEN 1S.

  2. Heh. I though all those had been 'reserved', i.e. never made available. Leeds used to have the UM registration, and you never, ever, saw 'BUM' - and believe me, I looked. I know Jimmy Tarbuck had a Roller with COM 1C on it, but that's not very rude.

  3. Round my way a local abattoir owner had GPP1G, but the police made him re-space it. There was also a Jag XJ12 with MPH140, and one I still see regularly is an old dear in a Mk11 Capri with DOR1S....

  4. Awww. I saw a black BMW M3 with M4 MAD once, although it was on the M5. And speaking of Jaguars, the local Jag dealer had a car for test drives which was B16 CAT - I assume a Jaguar promotional vehicle.

    The owners of the Ferry Inn, North Ferriby, used to have an old black Beemer with SAT 1N, which I thought was quite cool.

  5. Hi Richard:-
    From:- http://www.nice-reg.co.uk/

    Registration Number: PEN15
    Details/Information: Rude Plates 'PENIS'!
    Owners Include: Steve Parrish, ex-GP Bike Racer and Truck Racing Champion
    Vehicle(s): Smart Car
    Photo(s) provided by: Nice-Reg

    Photo at:-

  6. Just realised it's PEN 15 rather than PEN 1S

  7. I sit corrected, slightly. I still think that PEN 1S was never made available, but PEN 15 is very close!

    The new-style numbers don't offer as many possibilities, but I seem to remember that JE51CAS was commanding a 5-figure sum prior to its release.

  8. Good one Richard. I always called divans dive-ons when younger. Can't remember why so don't ask. :)

  9. Hope they have another in their fleet numbered "D1 V1NE"

  10. Brian - I genuinely did go to Uni with someone called Richard Head. And of course I have been called 'Dick' in my time, though probably not for good reasons.

    Rosie - I like that, and will use it from now on. And I won't ask, but I can indulge my imagination, surely?

    Windsock - it's their only vehicle as far as I know, and the owner isn't a Jesuit :) I'm looking for one for myself now, D1 VOT or D1 VVY. I believe there is D1 ANE somewhere, but I bet it's worth thousands.

  11. And welcome back, Windsock! Good to hear from you again.


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