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- George Washington

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Awesome cycling

Human-powered (or perhaps gravity-powered) two-wheelers this time, shamelessly nicked from Counting Cats In Zanzibar. This guy has a pair of solid brass ones, that's for sure.

Pop a Stugeron, sit down, belt up, and enjoy.

For the interested, the VCA race run takes place in Valparaiso, Chile. And this guy wasn't even the winner. Perhaps the dog cost him a vital second.


  1. Holy crap! That's some track.

  2. WTF, how did that get passed Health and Safety? We can't even chase a cheese!!

  3. No evidence of a risk assessment, suitable training, appropriate protective equipment, consideration of bystander safety, pregnant women or young workers, dynamic risk controls (although he did hit the brakes a couple of times) or adherence to published guidance notes. It's a disgrace, frankly. The organisers should be sent on a training course to the UK, where we know how to do these things properly.

    By banning them.


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