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Monday, 11 April 2011

Boots update

I posted here about a bacteriological issue with my main (OK, only) pair of motorcycle boots, and an attempted solution involving Domestos and a lot of water. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a result.

The boots are now dry and back in service. And even sticking one's nose right inside only gets one the faintest odour of municipal chlorine. As someone whose highlight of the week at primary school was the visit to the 'swimming baths' as we used to call them, this is quite acceptable and even vaguely pleasant.

No ill effects on the boots, and they are now good for another season.

Cheap, effective, recommended.


  1. Good job. It is always good to extend the life and usage of gear.

  2. I dunno. Don't you sometimes want stuff to fail/break so that you just have to get something new?


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