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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Death of a Boot

Oh dear. Oh dearie dear.

As I was putting on my boots to go home from work yesterday morning, the zip broke completely. As in, a yawning gap where the teeth should be, even when it was done up.

My nice, reliable Sidi Black Rain Evo boots started to give trouble back in January. I soldiered on with them, even treating them to some biocidal disinfectant treatment when they got too wet inside on the Ride of Respect. I suppose four-and-a-bit years of daily commuting and general hooning around have taken their toll and the boots don't owe me anything.

They are just wearable, if I don't mind the right one being held in place with just a bit of velcro. It will do for the next few days when I am at work and not able to get near a bike shop, but on my next free day I need to spend some money, I think.



  1. I feel your pain.

    But this too, will pass.


  2. There's always Internet shopping? If the company has a sensible return policy, that is...

  3. Thanks for posting this - it reminded me to chase the ebay seller who took my money 3 weeks ago for Alpinestars boots size 50 that he did not have in stock (although he says 4 pairs available)...

  4. O/T but motorbike related and topical.

    Two hours ago (15:30 GMT) I was in stationary traffic on the kinda dual carriageway ringroad as it went into 'merge in turn' mode.
    Ambulance races up from behind on the wrong side of the road which is fine since there is no oncoming traffic.
    "Aha!" I surmises, RTA up ahead, somewhere around the bend.
    Ho hum we're gonna be late.

    A couple of cars do a U-turn but that is not an option for us.
    I'm casually aware of a 'bike coming up in my right side mirror and surprise my elderly female companion with

    "Oh FUCK!"

    as the car in front decides to likewise do a U-turn "just like that" to be followed by the inevitable Kerunch and the biker fliberdyfloping into the car and onto the deck.
    Crikey, he's lucky not to have gone sailing over the top.

    My medical expertise is zero and several people had rushed to assist but I do my bit by dialling 999 (the first time I have ever done so and they answered straight away).

    I am very good at knowing exactly where I am and giving directions "No, it's not that one, you already have a unit there, this is a second accident".
    To my relief and surprise the biker was up and about trying to wheel his damaged machine off the road to join the car on the approach to a Highways depot.

    "erm actually there don't seem to be any casualities, wait on, the car driver has just collapsed and is bleeding from her head so I think we still need an ambulance"

    By that point impatient drivers were passing us on both sides despite the accident detritus and stationary traffic ahead. I'd taken down his'n'hers reg numbers and passed the biker my details should he need a witnesss.

    Some People.

  5. Richard,
    Have you tried Rachel Dobbs - £35 per boot zip repair?

  6. Richard, address yourself to the ladies and gentleman of Altberg and get yourself a pair of their wonderful, hand-made in Yorkshire, boots.

    I think I suggested this last time you mentioned your dodgy old boots, but you'll still have several months wait till you get 'em.

  7. @ Zaphod - philosophical as ever, thanks for the sympathy!

    @ JuliaM - the only time I have bought footwear over the internet was a pair of Doc Marten shoes that were a perfect fit on paper but have killed me ever since. I never wear them but can't thrown them away as they are almost new. I made a vow always to try things on first, at least as far as feet were concerned!

    @ Nikos - yes, time to start chasing. Size 50? Bloody hell. Is it true what they say about big feet and - er - gentlemen's attributes?

  8. @ banned - oo-er. That kind of accident is depressingly common, and the reason I will only filter slowly in situations like that. 100% the driver's fault for making a turn without looking, but almost certainly avoidable by the motorcyclist if he's patient and observant. I'm glad he got up, though - for a moment I thought the tale was going to end badly (or, rather, worse than it did). Strange that, for once, the driver came off worse.

    @ Brian - that's an interesting link, and thanks for that. She seems fairly pricey (my local cobbler resewed a pocket zip in my leathers for a couple of quid in his charity box) but she seems to have a wide range of useful talents. I'll bookmark that one for later. Thanks for the suggestion, though. I will see how much my bloke will charge for refitting a new zip before I condemn the old ones. However, see next post ...

    @ Voyager - unfortunately Altberg are beyond my meagre means at the moment, but I have heard excellent things about them, and I remember your comments from before. I can't wait several months, either, at the moment. However, see next post, and maybe next time ...

  9. There is definitely neither negative nor positive correlation...


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