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- George Washington

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Breaking Wind

For the last few evenings, the BBC weather reports have had a curious feature. Every time the presenter mentions 'windy' or 'breezy' conditions, the background image switches to a landscape of wind turbines, all spinning merrily.

Watch it (if you can stand it, and I will forgive you if you can't) and tell me I'm making it up.

The BBC: naked propaganda for the Greenies - it's what we do.


  1. They are probably being reverse driven by that excess electricity being generated by out of control nuclear power stations to "shed the load" (as we experts say). In this way weather forecasts come true.

  2. Subliminal advertising at its finest: simultaneously acclimatising the viewer to the infernally ugly devices whilst putting across the message that they are a good thing of great benefit to all. BAT would have been proud...

  3. Yes. It's like "See! they really work!"

    No shots of them idle on calm days, I'll bet.


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