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- George Washington

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Su Doku

Anyone else do these?

Worse than heroin.


  1. Nope.

    Never managed to get into it. I love cryptic crosswords and other puzzles that require either knowledge or analytical thinking, but always found Su Doku a rather soulless and sterile exercise.

    On the other hand, the missus would agree with you whole-heartedly.

  2. Hehe. "Crosswords for the unimaginative," I have heard them called. But once you get into them, they are like a hole in a tooth - you just can't stop picking at them. I love crosswords, the crypticker the better, but when I open The Times it's the Killer Sudoku I go for first.

    Crosswords are great for word-play, but Su Doku is all about patterns and relationships and logic. I'm glad your missus and I agree on something, anyway.


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