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- George Washington

Monday, 23 August 2010

Buses run on fresh air and sunshine

Seen at the climate change protest in Edinburgh:

I'm appalled at the level of scientific ignorance that this poster betrays, but I'm not surprised. They don't seem to teach proper science in schools any more - it's all propaganda rather than hard knowledge and rigorous theory. This is the result.

In fact, this is so horrendously, wilfully ignorant that I wonder if it's a spoof.


  1. I thought most buses were electric these days, or is that not the case across the UK?

  2. Most buses in the UK run on diesel, and are huge polluters. It's rare to see a very smoky car, as the inspection requirements are quite strict, but following a bus can be a choking experience. But it's public transport, and that makes it OK. It's not the evil private motorist, you see.


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