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Monday, 15 August 2011

Save of the Month

Found on the Triumph Rats forum. Running wide on a corner and into oncoming traffic is usually the quickest way to finish your riding career, and possibly your life. This guy had all the luck. It wasn't skill - skill would have got him round the corner in the first place.

Bet he needs some new leathers, though. The ones he was wearing must be full by now.

Found here. Learn Russian first.

(Sorry about the rubbish formatting. I don't know enough Russian to get the embed code or modify it - getting it here at all was a lucky guess.)


  1. I assume that his speedo was displaying kph not mph?

  2. I think it's an American video, in which case it will be mph. Love the "WTF?" reaction from his mate.

    I want to know which numbers he suggests for the lottery.

  3. Richard (from work)15 August 2011 at 21:39

    @Nikos - I assumed that too, given that he was reading ~30 when he was crossing back over the road, but I read later (and patently confirms below) that the video was from California, so it would be miles. I was thinking in the earlier stages "surely that isn't 62 mph" :)

    @patently - good suggestion on the lottery.

  4. I was thinking kph, meself, on account of it looking like an early 2000's CBR600 - and the 70+ roll-on looks a bit too good to be true (you can, of course, select the display units for effect...).

    From the way the revs drop on the apex, still on the right side of the road, I assume he bottled and grabbed a big handful of brake: presumably almost collecting his mate behind as well as the traffic in front. A very good effort: 9.75 for effect, minus several million for mad bike skillz.

  5. Richard (at work)15 August 2011 at 23:34

    Changing to kph for the purposes of video enhancement - sly move but feasible. Agreed about the braking. I was expecting the engine note to rise a little as he squirted the bend, and when it dropped away I knew there was trouble coming. I don't ride as enthusiastically as that, but even I could see that a bit of positive throttle and a bit more lean angle would have easily got him round. But when the doubt strikes ...

    I thought his mate was the coolest thing in the clip.


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