If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

- George Washington

Thursday, 11 August 2011

OH gets it

I know it's lazy to copy other people's stuff, but I am busy and this was just too good to pass by. Old Holborn on why it's time to grow up:
The riots were not political, they were envy and greed. You have what I want, so I will take it. If I cannot have what you have, I will destroy it. You have given me every opportunity to have what you have, but you have also given me every opportunity to not bother. You paid me to go to school and fail. You paid me to stay at home on the sofa all day and fail. You will pay for my housing, my taxes, my heating and my beer. I will repay you with spite and destruction. It is my right. I am equal to you. You cannot touch me because I have chosen to be “deprived” but I can threaten, rob and steal from you because you gave me a label that says I can have anything I damn well like.

So, the much lauded “equality” that we have built over the past 50 years is nothing more than an excuse to be feckless and lawless and have others rebuild what you have torn down in a fit of jealous rage. And it’s my fault, of course.

Here’s the plan. You get nothing. You want it, go and get it with hard work, application, self discipline, ambition, pride and self respect. You will not get a “certificate” for trying, you will not have your bills paid by me “to get you started”. You are entitled to nothing from me. You will stand on your own two feet and take responsibility for your own life. You will not rely on the endless handouts of hardworking taxpayers, you will not beg Politicians for a bigger slice of the cake you refuse to help bake and you will not cling to the apron strings of the State whilst throwing tantrums because others might have what you do not.

It’s time to tell our children of the State to grow up and get on with it. Kindergarten is now closed. And that includes the fucking bankers.
More from me in due course.


  1. As usual the pendulum had to swing outside the 'reasonable/common sense' sector before 'they' are forced to do something. Society runs on workable levels of consideration for others and self restraint. Once a critical mass fail to accept that the rules apply to them, it will always end in tears.

    But the need for self discipline doesn't just apply to inner city 'yoofs'. It applies to twats who drive through red lights at road works and to bankers whose bonuses rip off the pension funds of us 'little people'.

  2. It's not a political statement, no matter how the Polly Toynbees of the media try to spin it. And it's not a result of deprivation. People were far poorer and had far fewer opportunities in the Depression, but they didn't burn their neighbours' houses down then. I reckon it's a combination of a lot of things - social policy that means that everyone feels entitled, a soft justice system that encourages everyone to feel they are a victim of something, and a growing aggressive nihilism that may well be the result of living too long in a wealthy and peaceful country with nothing significant to worry about.

    But watching our 'leaders' help themselves to the goodies of the top table without apparent punishment, and the bankers lining their pockets out of the public purse without a trace of guilt or embarrassment must have contributed. We reap what we sow, but as usual it is the law-abiding and hard-working people - of whatever class - who pay.

  3. There was nothing on the telly. That's why the rioting and looting started. And then the exciting rioting and looting was broadcast wall to wall and the telerati decided to join in the reality telly.
    If one analyses telly soaps, the motivations of characters depend on selfishness and no foresight of the consequences of their actions. If a character wants something he or she takes it. Viewers are conditioned into reacting in that fashion. If society is to change so the telly available to the telerati must be changed to subconciously insert morality into the empty lives of the telerati.


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