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Monday, 29 August 2011

Awesome. No, really ...

As any fule kno, the Royal Enfield motorcycle factory in Redditch closed many years ago, but the bikes are still built in India. The bike is identical to the 1952 English model, with the exception of a few upgrades to bring it into line with modern noise and emissions legislation. It looks the same, it sounds the same, it goes the same, and it is made in the same way that we used to make things fifty years ago. Which means there is still some craftsmanship involved.

If you have ever tried to paint anything on a bike or car by hand, watch this and weep.

The painter's modesty about his achievement is almost the best bit of the film.

H/t to Joe Public for the link.


  1. Not even a tea break taken between lines!

  2. Precisely. Remind me why Enfields are no longer built in Redditch and why they are thriving in Chennai?


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