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- George Washington

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Recent events in London

Let's see ...

Officers are investigating the stabbing of a man in his 20s ... on Monday. He is said to be in a serious condition in hospital. Four men - three aged 20 and one aged 21 - have been arrested in connection with the incident ...

London Ambulance Service said 241 people were treated at the event, with 27 taken to hospital. The arrests were for a variety of offences including drugs possession, public order, theft, criminal damage, robbery and assault, the Metropolitan Police said ...

Officers said the man was found with possible stab wounds to the abdomen and hand ...

At 19:30 BST an area outside a three-storey block of flats on Ladbroke Grove, close to the junction with Kensal Road, was cordoned off after a person suffered serious injuries. A Met police officer said it was believed an object was thrown from a flat window and hit the person on the pavement below.

245 arrests, 27 hospitalised, a stabbing and an act of criminal vandalism, drugs, theft, criminal damage - and all at one event? The police are condemning it, of course, in the strongest terms. Oh, hang on ...
The Notting Hill Carnival has been peaceful, police say.
In fact the Beeb goes further:
Notting Hill Carnival: Police hail 'peaceful' event.
Love that word 'hail'. When did we start paying the Police to 'hail' anything? And that's a new definition of 'peaceful' of which I was not previously aware.

Nothing to do with the event's vibrancy, is it?

It's a funny old world when the Police 'hail' something because the associated crime and disorder was no worse than last time.

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  1. And ... no mention anywhere in the MSM of the WPC that was 'slashed' at the carnival on Sunday. Almost as if all concerned were determined to 'hail' the event as 'peaceful'.
    I doubt she will see it that way though, eh.


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