If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

- George Washington

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Just a little 'What If?'

Following from the previous post, just a thought.

Imagine an new event in the capital city, organised by the white working class to celebrate their distinctive culture. (Do you imagine it would even be allowed?) It involves road closures and massive disruption, and a lot of loud music. Afterwards, 245 people have been arrested for a variety of offences, there are 27 people in hospital, one person has been stabbed and is in a serious condition, and there are numerous acts of criminal damage, theft, robbery and assault. Drug use has been blatant and widespread.

Three questions:

1. Would the Police turn up in shirtsleeves and a smile, or stab vests and riot gear?

2. Would the Police 'hail' it as 'peaceful'?

3. Would the BBC celebrate it as a success?

I'm sure we all know the answers to those. I firmly believe that all people should be treated equally, whatever their skin colour or ethnicity. But that has to cut both ways.

I can't believe that an event attended by even 1000 white people - never mind the 1,000,000 estimated for the Notting Hill event - specifically to celebrate their culture would not be treated with contempt by the media and hostility by the Police. Perhaps I am wrong.


  1. The "I'm different so your rules shouldn't apply to me" coupled with the "I will do what I like, when I like until you produce something forceful enough to stop me" is a dangerous mix - particularly when added to "you're only doing that because I'm /traveller/poor/black/in a gang/lead astray by others/say innit".

    It's a shame that the politicos appear to be going for short term vote wins while the basic framework that makes society function properly is being bent, broken and distorted.

    Self control and self

  2. Somebody pressed 'send' too early, methinks :)

    Yep. I firmly believe that, left to their own devices, the British are amongst the most fair-minded and tolerant people in the world. But when we see the daily examples of 'one rule for them and one rule for us' it's hard to remember that.

  3. If this is the price of freedom, I wish to see a more detailed study of the costs of a slightly cheaper version.

  4. You mean you don't feel more culturally enriched watching black people bang drums Richard ?
    It gives me a spring in my step ;)
    Golf courses and flower & veg shows are all we have left of white British culture. Not much but we'll have to make the most of it.

  5. Fact is, I do enjoy music from all over the world, and black people banging drums is OK by me. Where it isn't OK is where this is held up to be something superior and somehow 'right', whereas my own culture and tastes are somehow 'wrong'.

    I'd hate anyone to get the idea I was being racist here. I'm not. I just can't stick the double standards.

  6. Another thing is that I can't stand golf or flower and veg shows :) What's left for me? The Sealed Knot? Endless re-runs of The Pirates of Penzance?


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