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- George Washington

Friday, 4 February 2011

"I know thee not, old man."

Rats in a cage:

Two Labour MPs have denied advising a colleague on trial over his expenses that he could make claims from one allowance to cover staffing costs.

Tom Watson and Steve McCabe told Southwark Crown Court they had not had such a discussion with Jim Devine in a House of Commons' bar in 2008.

Mr Watson told the trial he was surprised to be called as a witness: "I don't know what I'm doing here, if I'm honest, I hardly know Jim Devine."

The MP for West Bromwich East told jurors Mr Devine had been a "parliamentary colleague" but added: "I was a minister for a long time and he was a backbencher, so we didn't meet often and never did I socialise with him, so I hardly know him."
No honour amongst thieves.

Update: it gets better:

During cross-examination, defence lawyer Mr Millar said his client had taken advice from a member of the fees office called Andy Gibson.

Gibson has since been convicted for obtaining money by deception while he was processing expense claims and was jailed in September last year for nine months.

Seems he picked a wrong'un there.


  1. How ill grey hairs become a fool and jester.

  2. l would've been surprised if they'd have said anything else. Can't stand the freakin lot of them.

  3. Jim - kerching. Glad someone's awake.

    Smoking Hot - they couldn't back him up without dropping themselves in it big time. And Devine should have known that. "A big boy told me to do it" is all very well, but when you ask the big boys to back you up in front of the Headmaster, don't be surprised if they "know thee not".

  4. And they didn't even wait for a cock* to crow three times!

    *obligatory Bercow reference

  5. I don't know if Sally Bercow owns a budgerigar, but I'm sure she's had a cockatoo.



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