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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Cyclone Yasi

Thankfully, it looks as though Cyclone Yasi hasn't caused the death and destruction that was feared when it was approaching Eastern Australia. So far, no lives have been lost. But via JoNova, there were some of the most awesome images I have ever seen of climatic events. Jo wrote "file under shock and awe", and I can't disagree.

First, a plain old satellite image of the approaching storm:

And then the storm image overlaid on a map of the USA and UK, just for comparison:

That thing is HUGE.

All my good wishes and sympathy to our good friends in Australia. As if you didn't have enough with the floods ... Good luck, guys.

Jo points out in a later post that super-cyclones have been hitting Queensland regularly for at least 5000 years. But that won't stop the alarmists from blaming it all on Global Warming Climate Change Disruption, now will it? After all, if you restrict your time-frame to the right period (say the last 100 years), then man is obviously to blame, no?


  1. One way of riding the waves. And a category 5 blowj ... never mind.


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