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- George Washington

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Chain Reaction

Following my recent post on How Aid Can Work, I see that toilets in the Third World Developing Nations are a hot topic. You can now twin your toilet with a Third World Developing Nations toilet and help to give those people a "safe, clean and hygienic" place to go to the loo.

The charity has its tongue very firmly in its cheek, to write things like:
You have no toilets in your basket
Twin your toilet now!
Basically, you donate £60 and they send you a framed photo of the latrine your money helped to build. You put this in your downstairs loo and all your friends a) know that you are a right-on kind of person with no hang-ups about bodily functions, and b) have their awareness of the issue raised.

I think it's brilliant. Bog standard, but brilliant.

P.S. I have also learned a new word from this website: diarrhoeal, as in 'diarrhoeal diseases'. That hasn't enhanced my life by much, I have to say.


  1. Most toilets I've seen in the Third World have the end of the loo roll facing towards the hole, but it's a matter of choice. Have you heard about Flying Toilets in Kibera, Kenya? Nothing to do with aeroplanes, unfortunately. But I am impressed with the boldly named Peepoo degradable bag.

  2. *cackle*

    Well-spotted about the free end of the toilet roll. I hadn't considered how that is affected by Developing Nation conditions. Do you think I'll get a grant to go and study it?

  3. The research budget is limited to 1p per job, so it's not worth the strain.

  4. 1p? That wouldn't even cover the paperwork.

    Wipe that. I mean, scrub it. I mean, dump it.

    Just keep a log.

  5. I must admit it sounds like a load of s*** Richard.
    After spending 10 yrs in the '3rd world' I know that their bogs will never change. Corruption will also stay the same. Not as bad as UK charity corruption but still bad.
    I checked Oxfam accounts a few months back and found 4 guys on over £120K and 12 guys on over £60K. For basically pottering about doing naff all.
    Try attacking a machine gun post in Helmand for £14K a yaer.
    Bloated weasels.


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