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- George Washington

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Test results

OK, OK, it was easy.

But there's more.

The young man who was No. 4 in both categories has made the headlines again. To remind you of the story so far, in case you missed it:

Bobby Hodgkins (24) was one of three men suspected of stealing three motorcycles from a showroom in Altrincham, Greater Manchester, last month. Police saw them riding away from the scene of the theft, but decided not to pursue them because none of the thieves was wearing a crash helmet. Apparently if a thief isn't wearing the correct safety equipment, then chasing him is regarded as unacceptably dangerous. For him, of course - nothing to do with the risks to the general public as he screams off, or the rights of the owner of ther bikes to have his property returned. Yet again, the 'rights' of the lawless trump those of the law-abiding.

And now, in a sort of Darwin-meets-Nemesis example of karma, Mr Hodgkins has been killed. He was riding (helmetless, naturally - he wasn't stupid) on another stolen bike and hit a van.

The motorbike had been stolen during a burglary in Audenshaw on August 26. Mr Hodgkins was not wearing a helmet at the time and did not have a valid driving licence after being banned for dangerous driving in 2005.

He had been due to take retake his driving test to get his licence back, but had not done so. Mr Hodgkins had been due to answer bail for the showroom theft on Friday.


Sounds like cosmic justice to me.

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