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- George Washington

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

And another thing, Ma'am ...

A further thought on the previous post:

Here are four alleged offenders, and four responses by the police. See if you can match them up, using your skill and judgement.

Offences first:
  1. Man, 47. Alleged offence: none. Walking away from officer at the time.
  2. Man, 70. Alleged offence: failing to wear a seat belt and having number plates that did not conform to the regulations.
  3. Woman, 59. Alleged offence: failing to give a breath sample (later dropped).
  4. Man, 24. Alleged offence: stealing motorcycle from dealership in full view of police officers and riding away at high speed without crash helmet.
And the responses:
  1. Struck from behind with baton and pushed to ground. Died a few minutes later.
  2. Stopped on country lane by two police cars, car windows smashed with batons and bodywork kicked by officer climbing on car bonnet, while alleged offender still inside the car.
  3. Dragged across floor and thrown violently into cell, causing severe facial bruising and bleeding.
  4. Allowed to escape, out of concern for alleged offender's own safety.
Well, how did you do?

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