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Thursday, 9 September 2010

iPhone Bodge - update update

Remember the sellotape bodge? And the long-distance love-affair with Maria from Portugal?

Well, she never did call back. I blame myself. I was never there when she needed me, and the drink thing didn't help, and that business with her sister ...

Sorry. Where was I?

I resurrected the Nokia 6310i* and it has been working fine. It's nice not to have to walk to the bottom of the garden to send a text message, and to charge it only every two weeks or so. But I digress.

The trip to Ireland prevented me from following the iPhone thing up straight away, but today I called Apple Care direct, and spoke to a delightful lady in Lexington, Kentucky (Hi, Lynda!). She listened to all my woes, was quite incredibly polite and helpful, and offered to replace the phone. They are sending me a box, I have to send the phone back, and then they will send me a new one. The whole thing should take between one and two weeks. In terms of British consumer law, this is pretty poor - remember when you could go back to the shop and demand a replacement there and then? - and their alternative, which involves them sending you a new phone first, was too expensive ($60 upfront) and risky (they take your credit card details and bill you £500 if they don't get the phone back). However, if it solves the problem I will be happy with that. The Nokia is great** as a phone, but I hadn't realised how much of my life I had put into the calendar of the iPhone. There's details of bike events for the next 12 months, all the TOMCC meets, doctors' appointments, dates to help my daughter get her stuff to college, and all sorts. I feel quite lost without it.

I miss the camera, too. Not the camera quality, which is risible (my old Motorola V3i had an amazing camera, so it can be done), but just having a camera around when you want to capture something.

*3 months in the glove compartment of the car without being touched. Switched on. Full battery!

** In fact, I would go further. Unbeatable, even in 2010.

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