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Monday, 20 September 2010

iPhone resolved?

My new iPhone was delivered this morning, by a surly twat who didn't take my navigational assistance (yesterday) very well. It was evening before I got round to unwrapping it, and the problems weren't over. It didn't have the latest software version and wanted to update itself, which I did. But then we were back in the loop of :

1. iTunes has detected a phone in Recovery mode - phone must be restored
2. Click 'Restore'
3. Wait 35-40 minutes
4. Phone could not be restored - unknown error (error 37)
5. Disconnect and reconnect
6. GOTO 1.

I tried it on the same computer, but using a different login, as suggested by the delectable Maria from Portugal. Same result. So I phoned Apple Care. It was America again, and at first the rather superior chap on the other end wouldn't talk to me until I had signed up for 12 months' worth of additional warranty. But I explained what had happened in words of one syllable, and asked him to treat the call as a follow-up to an existing case, rather than a new issue. This seemed to work. He suggested doing the restore on a different computer, as sometimes anti-virus software can interfere with iTunes' ability to do this. He said it was an issue that Apple were aware of and were addressing. I bet he says that to all the boys. But it worked. I restored the phone on the netbook and then re-synced it with the laptop, and all is well.

So far.

Look out for a resumption of picture attachments, if the iPhone stays up for long enough.

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