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- George Washington

Saturday, 6 February 2010

OK, so I got an iPhone

As you can see from the last two posts.

It's pretty good. It's not the latest model, as those cost actual money, but it's the best I could get free with a contract from Orange.

Only problem so far is the horrible mess on the screen from all the tapping, swiping and general fumbling around that a touch-screen makes necessary, plus the embarrassingly copious amounts of goo that seem to emanate from the ear when you are using it as a phone. My last phone (stand up, the incredible Nokia 6310i, stalwart amongst mobiles) used to get a mucky screen now and again, which I cured with a quick wipe of my sleeve, but the iPhone seems a lot more delicate, and at £160 to replace the screen I am not taking any chances. I shall have to start carrying a soft, dry, lint-free cloth with me at all times. A bit poofy, but there you are. That's the price of joining the 21st Century, I suppose.

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