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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Choices, choices

I'm going to Swansea this afternoon to do a little trade with someone over some bike bits. I've already decided that I will go on two wheels: with the bad weather, the old bikes haven't had anything like enough use. The Honda hasn't turned a wheel in over a month.

But which bike? Do I drag the Honda from its little nest at the back of the house and use the M4, giving it a good blast and blowing away its, and my own, cobwebs? Or do I take the XT, go via the back roads, and pretend I am having a mini-adventure?

Taking the XT would be confidence-building, as I haven't had a decent run on it since I did all the work to the engine, and I am still not 100% convinced it is reliable and fit for anything I throw at it. A decent run out would settle that one. On the other hand, the Honda has a little surface rust on the brake discs and reproaches me every time I walk past it. It's built for motorways and 'quick trips round the block' of a hundred miles or so.

It's forecast to be dry, so I think in the end it will depend on temperature. If it's bitingly cold, the Honda, with its heated grips and fabulous fairing, wins. If it's warmer, we'll have a minor Ewan and Charlie fantasy.

Swansea - The Pontyberem Way Round.


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