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Friday, 25 September 2009

Winter prep

In between making a new garden door and doing the weekly shop, I have managed to get a set of heated grips for the Yamaha. I feel this is giving in, in some strange way. I have never suffered particularly from cold hands on a bike, and the Yam has some neat hand-guards that are supposed to protect your pinkies when you crash through the bushes off-road, which do a great job of keeping the wind off in normal riding. But having had the heated grips on the Honda, I found that they make a huge difference to riding comfort (and therefore safety) on those cold winter mornings and evenings. Yesterday's commute reminded me that I intended to get some for the Yam before the winter set in.

Luckily, my local bike shop had a set in stock of the very ones that I wanted to get, so they are now waiting to be fitted. With a bit of luck (i.e. if SWMBO doesn't find anything for me to do between now and then), they will be on the Yam by tomorrow night.

Step forward, Motrax Griptronics -


  1. I had a set of those on my last Fireblade, and very efficient they were too. Good choice, although I also quite favour the Oxford equivalents for their more adjustable temperature range. One of those things that you can get by without, yet become almost essential when you do have them! And I find it makes a huge difference to feel (and hence control) being able to keep the three-season gloves on pretty much all-year round instead of having to go to full winter gauntlets.

  2. I'm hoping that they will make my winter commutes more comfortable, although fitting them wasn't straightforward - see following post. They've got a high and low setting (marked Hi and Lo, but I refuse to co-operate with that kind of abuse of the language), and they certainly seem to get nice and warm on High. On the Honda, I never use more than level 1 out of four.


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