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- George Washington

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Last of the Summer?

Today was dry, sunny and fairly warm, with a lovely blue sky and fluffy white clouds, more like early Spring than late September. Anna and I had a walk on the beach this morning - the first time we had done this since her poor health started back in February. We were only out of the car for half an hour, but we had a walk on the sands and then bought some fish and chips and ate them sitting on the rocks, overlooking the sea.

After we got home, Anna needed a rest, and I looked outside and realised that this was probably going to be the last decent Sunday this year - the forecast says the weather is due to break soon. So I jumped on the trailbike and went for a run. I went right round the Preseli hills, and deliberately chose the smallest, most remote roads I could find. I needed a contrast after the miles of motorway I covered last week. Today, 44 miles, out of habit :)

The Yam is a great little bike for this type of road, and we had a whale of a time. It is amazing how much fun motorcycling can be when you take it easy and just take in the scenery. After an hour, I pulled in at a local beauty spot for a leg-stretch. And I needed it. The Yam's seat is narrow and hard in comparison with the Pan's, and I was starting to get severe arse-ache. At one point a month ago, I was debating with myself whether to go to Denmark on the Yam or the Honda. I think, in retrospect, the Honda was the wise choice. My arse agrees.

Back to work tomorrow, not to work, but to have a meeting with my boss. When I accepted a reduction in hours (and pay) in June, I requested a review meeting after three months. This is now three weeks overdue, and my boss has finally scheduled it for tomorrow. I'm not sure how I am going to approach this. I have enjoyed the extra two days a week off, and it has allowed me to shop and keep up with domestic things while Anna has been on the bench. But the reduction in pay has been disastrous for my finances, and I need to get back to full-time earnings as soon as possible. Work proper starts on Tuesday.

When I was a teacher, I always used to get 'Sunday night blues'. For the first time since I found an alternative career, tonight I feel the same: a mixture of gloom, dread and resignation.

Onwards and upwards, then ...

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