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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Good to go

I have been making preparations for the Denmark trip over the last week or so, and now it seems that it has all come together. The panniers are packed (probably not for the last time, but at least it all fits) and all I have to do is to sort out some clothes. I have also found the bike's V5 and MoT certificate, which is a relief. It's not compulsory to carry them, but it makes sense to. The V5 will prove to anyone that you are the owner of the bike, and the MoT will reassure the forces of Laura Norder that the bike is indeed as roadworthy as you claim.

On the advice of someone far more sensible than me, I am also taking scans of all the documents on a USB stick. This may seem a little OTT, but it is so easy to do and takes up so little space that it seems silly not to.

Bike-wise, all is looking good too. The Honda has fresh oil and a new oil filter, and I have checked all the critical levels and tightnesses. Brake pads are getting close to the limit, but will last a couple of thousand miles of flat country (if I was going to the Alps I would have changed them, for sure) and I will change them at the next service, which will be due by mileage when I get back in any case.

Three days to go.

Pan sans panniers, all good to go.

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  1. I'd be leaving copies of all the documents at home, too. Especially driving license, given the DVLA's recent penchant for removing motorcycle entitlement when renewing them!

    Did anyone mention hi-viz jackets,btw? I only just learned that it's apparently now illegal to ride/drive on the continent without one in your possession.

    Best of luck with the trip, hope it's a fantastic voyage and all goes well. Just in case it doesn't, though, I'll be happy to give you my contact number for any sort of backup (that can be handled by a phone call from the UK!). It's a karma thing - the world's a much better place if people can help each other out! Anyhow, the offer's there if you want it...


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