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- George Washington

Monday, 2 April 2012

Spot The Difference

Yvette Cooper was interviewed on the Andrew Marr Show.

As reported by The Guardian:

And by the Daily Mail:

Same photo, different crop by picture editor. Newspapers that clearly know their readership.


  1. Is that why they call it cropping?

    The pixie haircut suits her; but the fact she married Ed Balls makes me queasy no matter how much leg is on show.

    1. I'd assumed it was a close-up of that dreadful faux-sincere expression so teh Mail wimminz could point out she's getting a bit saggy and wrinkly round the edges...whereas the Guardian always see (New) Labour in a soft-focus and cuddly light.
      But you're prob'ly right - it's actually about trying to look up her skirt...

  2. Personally, I think she's rather cute (and the hairstyle suits her), but you guys have identified the two flies in the ice-cream. The 'faux-sincere' (I like that) expression which, incidentally, she seems to have copied from Harriet Harperson, and the thought of after-dark shenanigans with the man with the Borstal haircut.

    So I won't be trawling Liveleak for the secret sex tape just yet.


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