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- George Washington

Friday, 6 April 2012

An Outward and Visible Sign ...

David Cameron is making very clear signals to the European Court of Human Rights, in a test case on the right of workers to wear symbols of their faith:
The ministerial line on the right of a worker to display a token of faith was laid down in a statement to European human rights judges. It gives the Government’s opinion in a key test case.

The document, prepared under the supervision of Lib Dem Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone and approved by Home Secretary Theresa May, says Muslims must be content to keep their religion for their own time. Those who are unwilling to do so are ‘free to resign and seek employment elsewhere’.

The Government submission to Strasbourg said ... ‘the applicants’ claim of discrimination is manifestly ill-founded’ and said that the legal rights of Muslims were satisfied ‘where the individual in question is free to resign and seek employment elsewhere or practise their religion unfettered outside their employment’.
That's telling 'em. Two small changes, of course.


  1. And since we can all see just how unequal this is, it rather begs the question, why can't they?

    Or is it that they can see it but just don't care?

  2. Or 3) it's completely deliberate.

    That's the one I go for.


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