If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

- George Washington

Sunday, 8 April 2012

OK, I give up ...

What the fuckity fuck does this mean?
Privately educated with an MSc in contemporary urbanism from the London School of Economics, Trenton Oldfield makes an unlikely agitator against elite society.

He describes himself as "rich, open-minded, multidisciplinary, efficient, focused, intelligent, honest, unique". Oldfield is listed as having worked in project management roles for various charities and non-governmental organisations, including as a co-ordinator of a project to regenerate the Thames between Kew and Chelsea.

You forgot 'wanker'.

Wait, there's more ...

He writes: "This is a protest, an act of civil disobedience, a methodology of refusing and resistance." Oldfield's blog dismisses the Boat Race as a "pseudo competition" that allows the elites to "reboot their shared culture in the public realm".

"Most standing alongside the Thames today are in fact the pumped-up though obedient administrators, managers, promoters, politicians and enforcers; functional, strategic and aspirational elites," he writes. "The transnational-corpo-aristocratic ruling class (invisible) haven't turned up today and would never consider doing so, despite the best endeavours of Bollinger, Xchange and Hammersmith & Fulham's mayor."

Make that 'complete wanker'.


  1. The best thing would be for all the media to ignore him. Instead, they fall all over each other to reprint his little manifesto and give the cretin the oxygen of publicity....


  2. OK Trenton.

    I started my life as the son of a single mother, living on the top floor of a council high-rise flat in the Midlands. Through effort at school and support from home, I passed the 11+, achieved good grades, and gained a place at Cambridge. The degree that I earned there catapulted me into a profession where I am now a partner, employing other staff and giving them jobs.

    Despite your riches, you managed to get a fake degree from a pretentious FE college.

    Does that make me an elitist, or does it make you a failure?

  3. "What the fuckity fuck does this mean ......an MSc in contemporary urbanism from the London School of Economics?"

    Taxpayers have wasted £hundreds of thousands??

  4. Too bad we spent money cleaning the Thames up, otherwise Old Trentonfield would have truly being going through the motions.

    1. And those motions would take a long, long time to complete: given that he's so obviously full of himself.

  5. P.S. "fuckity fuck" resembles the racket that my single cylinder BMW motorcycle was making this morning whilst riding in the Taunus mountains!

  6. False flag agent to justify Olympic security spending ?

  7. JuliaM - oops, and I did the same! While I can Mrs T's objection to giving the oxygen of publicity to the IRA, I reckon the more people know about this guy the more we will know a cretin when we see one. His stuff is beyond parody. If Private Eye attributed it to Dave Spart, you'd say they had gone too far this time.

    Patently - excellent point.

    Joe - yes, it does :) Nothing new there ...

    Nikos/NNW - I'm waiting for reports of him coming down with some nasty GI infection, as did David Walliams. That would be sweet. Full of shit, and all that.

    Bill - don't give them ideas! Actually, that wouldn't surprise me. They need something to justify all this spending when the rest of us are cutting back on food.

  8. Wanker is right. Take his elitist ass and put it somewhere where the sun don't shine for a while.

  9. Someone, somewhere didn't do their risk assessment properly. I can hear lots of risk assessments being rewritten all over Olympicsland - another billion on the bill. I think we should go for Lord Moynihan's solution: remove all spectators.

  10. Ah, yes, The Solution. Just the sponsors, the moneymen, the organising elite, the politicians, and a few tame athletes. Watch a few races, pat each other on the back, fill each others' pockets with twenties, and the circus moves on. Sport, I love it.


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