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- George Washington

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Three of a Kind

Couldn't resist this one - I think it's the only time I have had three bikes on the premises at the same time.

I think they look rather fine. Like having a good workshop: a tool for every occasion.


  1. Like I always say, Two bikes are always better then One. The same could be said that three bikes are always better then two and so on and so on.
    More bikes make me happy.

  2. May I say that people who make comments like this are always welcome on this blog.

    Sadly, only the two on the left are mine; the Pan was strictly speaking someone else's when I took the photo, and it's now been taken away. I just had to capture them while I could, because I can't see the current Mrs GFGN tolerating more than a healthy brace.

    My dream is enough land, and enough outbuildings, so that I don't have to sell them when they become redundant - I can just winterise them and bring them back out when I realise that I really wanted them after all.


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