If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

- George Washington

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Labour Reach Rock Bottom

I'm a cynical old bugger, but this one actually shocked me. It is the latest Party Election Broadcast by the People's Party:

The message is: "Vote Labour or you will die of cancer."

It is an unspeakably vile effort. I didn't realise that the party of my parents and grandparents could stoop so low.

They deserve complete annihilation on May 6.


  1. Why do you imagine that politicians need to stoop?

  2. Honestly, I despair. Gutter politics would be a step up from the cesspool this was spawned in.

    Not a word on what Labour would actually do with the economy, I notice: just a series of unpleasantly manipulative smears. Vote Labour to keep helping yourself to other people's money, or pick Tory and deservedly contract cancer.

    They must think we're either stupid or very, very cheap to buy. Oh, hang on, they do...

    And on a much brighter note, I haven't laughed so much in ages as watching Gordo prove that, then having to sit and listen to himself in Jeremy Vine's studio yesterday. Priceless. As if he set out to carefully, deliberately and with great precision punch himself in both bollocks simultaneously - surreally similar to watching an episode of "The Thick Of It" with extra added value.

    I am never going to get tired of seeing that head-in-hands picture. I just hope he realises that's how quite a lot of people look whenever they think of New Labour.

  3. "Vote Labour to keep helping yourself to other people's money" is the other message of this broadcast, and is only a little less cynical and vile than the cancer jibe.

    Dirty politics, but it works.


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