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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Iceland's Revenge

You didn't think they would take it lying down, did you? Those plucky Icelanders, heroes of a thousand violent sagas, warriors who would cut down an enemy with a broadsword, then hack open his chest and pull out the lungs to feed the ravens?

When Gordon Brown blamed them for the financial crisis, and then went on to sequester their assets using legislation designed to foil terrorists, he didn't seriously think they would take it lying down?

Well, today little old Iceland grounded the entire UK aircraft fleet and brought chaos to the airways of Europe - something Al Qaeda have so far signally failed to do. And the Met Office said there would be dust in the sky, and dust in the sky means spectacular sunsets, so off we went with our cameras. The sunset tonight wasn't as fabulous as I had hoped, but it was certainly something out of the ordinary.

Here's the view from Newgale Hill, with Dinas Fach, Pen Dinas and Green Scar at about 8.15 tonight (click for bigger):


  1. That much dust causing havoc across Europe, nature's fury is a pain.

  2. It's being touted in the press as a 'disaster' to rival the Second World War, but really it's only Nature getting a bit interesting for once.

  3. As I type I'm facing the window looking at a pinkish haze, hoping it will be a nice sunset. I guess "dust in the air" is the aeroplane equivalent of "leaves on the line". Rather amusing - I'm feeling quite smug because I don't go anywhere anymore and rather hoping we get a little volcanic dust to improve my vegetables!

  4. Sunset tonight was similar to last night's. I think we need a Southerly wind to blow all that ash into the Atlantic off Ireland - that should make for some spectacular ones. The cloud may blow to the East, but that means spectacular sunrises, and I am rarely around for those.

    I'm smug too: I never fly anywhere (I would sooner walk), so I have little patience with those who think that just because the plane might fall out of the sky, they shouldn't lose a day of their holiday. (And why, on our tabloid BBC, is it always the 'holiday of a lifetime'?)

    Thanks for dropping by, Ruth.


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