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- George Washington

Monday, 4 January 2010

This Global Warming stuff ...

... doesn't seem to be working. This morning I had to travel to Swansea to do my once-weekly lecturing gig, and because of the weather and likely road conditions I set off half an hour early, at 6.30 am. It was bitterly cold at that time - the thermometer on the car (yes, I was going in the car, I'm not stupid) read -7°C, and the temperature on the other side of the valley was -8°C. Even on the outskirts of Swansea it was -5°C. When I got to the University, it was a mere -2°C, a very neat illustration of the concept of the urban heat island that seems to cause so much difficulty for so many climate alarmists.

Funny, isn't it? The huge palaver of the Copenhagen Summit, the most important climate change summit since - er - the last one, and next we get the coldest winter weather for ten years.

I did my bit for the global carbon crisis, though. Quite apart from burning all that lovely diesel to get to work and back (shame on me), I had put an electric fan heater in the car last night, wired up to a socket in the living room. When I got up, I plugged it in, and by the time I had had a shower and a shave, I looked outside and the car windows were completely clear. Inside, the car was like a sauna. None of that planet-raping de-icer stuff for me, oh no. I take the natural approach.


  1. Yes indeed - I deployed the fan heater in the car today....shame about the frozen windscreen washer system tho'

  2. I had a superbly clear windscreen for about ten miles, and then it got progressively covered with road muck and the washers were solid. My previous car had a little heater coil to warm up the washer jets, which was brilliant, but my present car is too cheap for that. Memo to self: stock up with washer fluid and hope for the best.


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