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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Great idea

One of the rules of advanced riding is 'never put the bike where your head hasn't been already' - in other words, don't assume a gap will be there to pull into; see it with your own eyes and be sure you can do it before you commit yourself. So the good rider moves to the right before an overtake, sees that there is enough clear space to move back into, and only then makes his or her move.

But if it's a huge artic in the way, that isn't always possible (And I remember posting a while ago about how this caught me out). So a very large and juicy coconut to the man who invented this:

It looks like it's a dashboard cam fitted to the lorry cab, fed to a thin-film screen on the rear doors. The article I found it in here seems dubious about how it works, but there is no significant technical reason why it can't.

Of course, no-one but a complete idiot would be overtaking in that situation anyway, but being able to see round a large vehicle could be very handy. As some people round here could tell you.

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