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- George Washington

Monday, 11 January 2010


Let me get this clear (source):

The Government, in the guise of the Department for International Development, is giving the TUC £3.6m, money which most of us would assume would go to foreign countries in aid, for "activities to build support for development in the UK".

There will soon be a general election in the UK.

The TUC will no doubt donate several millions of pounds to the Labour Party for its election war chest.

Tell me, in what precise way is this not utterly, utterly corrupt?

And tell me why it is not front-page news in every newspaper and on the front page of the national broadcaster's website?

From the BBC News page at 19:05 on 11.01.2010:

No sign of cold snap as passengers strip for No Pants Day
Nun's relic cured my cancer
Children told to stay off frozen canal
Do 'plump pouted' women look younger than they are?



  1. Well, it could be argued that International Development awareness is an extremely important and worthwhile cause. It would appear that the body politic think so, given the (uncosted) pledges to ring-fence or increase overseas aid.

    Sometimes, it might be worth remindng the folks in power that "charity begins at home". In much the same way as I wouldn't take out a bank loan so I could make a donation to Oxfam, I don't expect a bankrupt country like the UK to print money so it can bankroll, for example, Yemen and Sudan.

    Anyway, I'm sure there is no impropriety here and certainly nothing like an illicit loan going on, as New Labour have no form whatsoever in that department. The BBC evidently agree it's not in the least bit newsworthy.

    It would make me laugh, however, if the TUC actually contributed about £3.50 to Labour's war chest in return: as has been hinted on several occasions, they are none too keen on Big Gordo and the party of lightweight splitters that used to represent the working man...

  2. The TUC need to start a new party. Back to the drawing board, and start with a Labour Representation Committee for the 21st Century. The present lot represent no-one but themselves, i.e. lawyers and hypocritical Islington do-gooders. They have abandoned the working man, and deserve oblivion at the next election.


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