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Saturday, 31 October 2009

XT progress

The new exhaust headers arrived this week, despite the postal strikes (thank you, Porcel Farce). They are very shiny.

I have now been trying to get the old, rusty headers out of the cylinder head for nearly two weeks, on and off. I took the head off and had a go doing it on the workbench. First molegrips, then a hammer and chisel, then an angle grinder, then all of the above in combination. Finally, all of the above, plus a lot of heat from a propane torch.


It had got to the point where I was afraid of doing some expensive damage, so I took it at a man who can, who got them out (with some difficulty, it must be admitted) and charged me £40. Having seen what he had to do (use of welding gear, slide hammer and heavy-duty extractors), it was worth it. I now have the cylinder head home (and in one piece), and the new headers have been test-fitted. Yes!!!

Thank you, Lamo's Motorcycles of Llandissilio.

Now, all I have to do (famous last words) is to put it all back together. Watch this space ...

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