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Monday, 12 October 2009


In a previous post, I mentioned that I had tried to loosen off the exhaust clamps on the XT to see if I could cure an annoying backfire that has developed. I tried the first nut, and it sheared the stud. Well, I have been applying penetrating oil to the three remaining studs every night for the past week, and tonight I tried to loosen them off.

All three turned, after an initial resistance, just like they were put on yesterday. That's a good result, as I was anticipating having a right old battle with all four, trying to get the amputated stumps out of the cylinder head. Now I only have to battle with one.

Three cheers for Three-In-One High Performance Penetrant Spray!

I have a set of nice Motad stainless steel headers on order. I just need to order a new stud to replace the broken one, and I am good to go. The rusty old exhaust headers are the only truly scruffy thing about the bike; the rest of it, while far from showroom-shiny, looks well-used rather than neglected, so the new headers should make a big difference to the overall appearance.

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