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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Engine Pr0n

Just thought I would include a couple of photos of the work-in-progress that is the XT and its rusty appendages ...

First, with the cam cover removed ...

And second with the head off, revealing a nice dirty piston.

Golly, that is a big one, as it were. It's bigger than the last piston I looked in the face, which was on my 2.25 petrol Land Rover. And I thought they were big. The engine I fettled before that was a Rover 3.5 V8 in my trialler, and they were tiny in comparison.

On the advice of a complete stranger (and Internet acquaintance, this time), I will need a lot of heat to shift the rusty bits, so I have taken out the valves and set the workshop out ready for a session of heat'n'hammer later this week. I will also lap the valves in, as there is evidence that they aren't sealing too well, and therefore harming the compression. I haven't lapped valves for a long time. Should be fun.


  1. The last Yamaha I had in pieces (= the last Yamaha I had 30+ years ago) was a 2 stroke twin!

    Strangely I recently found the "old" pistons removed from it with my antique collection of Mecano.

    It never ran properly and then someone stole it - good riddance I said!

  2. If you'd put the pistons back in the bike, it might have run better :)

  3. Richard

    You are a veritable genius - you should write an update sequel to ZMM!
    It actually had an airleak into the crankcase....

  4. Ah. Common cause of two-stroke stoppages. Bad luck.

    My sequel is coming along. Working title is "Karate and the Art of Breaking Expensive Bits".


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