If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

- George Washington

Friday, 19 April 2013


Imagine, if you will, an animal like a polar bear.  Now reduce it to a height of three or four feet, and colour its pelt a dirty shade of pinky-beige.  And let it move silently about the landscape at dusk or after dark, sometimes upright and sometimes on all fours, visible from a great distance in the monochrome moonlight of the infrared, pale against the pale fields, dark against the woods.

They tend to move slowly and travel alone, occupying the spaces outside our fences and settlements, and if you go abroad at night, one may creep up on you from behind.  They are not necessarily harmful, but they certainly make you feel nervous, and stories have been told ...  Present or not (and they may be, or may not; you won't know until it is too late), they make you look over your shoulder constantly, and quicken your pace until you find safe haven behind a wooden door or within a sturdy garden gate.

These creatures have populated my dreams tonight.  It's not the first time, although it might of course be part of the dream - that I have had the dream before.  Who knows?


  1. You been eating those funny mushrooms?

    Na, probaly not. It is MUCH too early in the year.

    Unless, of course, you had a few drid ones from last time. ;-) :-)

    1. Heh, no artificial enhancements, just plain old anxiety dreaming. Freud would have had a field day with me.

    2. Be VERY carefull! The Scottish ones are WIIILLLDDDD!

      Wales, na they are O.K.

      North England.... PERFECT!

      500 to a thousand in a half liter pot of tea, and MELLLLLOWWWW!


      That many would blow your bloody head off!

  2. Are there little people stalking you? Furry little people?

    Hmmm Ewoks are brown so it can't be that you've been watching Star Wars.......

    1. I'm bonkers. No point in over-analysing :)

  3. It definitely has a David Lynch feel about it. See reply to Trobairitz above.


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