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- George Washington

Monday, 11 March 2013

Every man has his Pryce

So Huhne and Pryce are both going to prison.  I'm pleased.

For the avoidance of any doubt, this is not because he liked to drive fast.  In the grand scheme of things, speeding is not such a big deal for me.  I've done it, you've done it, and unless we have been very unlucky no-one has been harmed as a result.  But perverting the course of justice is a very big deal.  It strikes at the very heart of a democracy, and it deserves exemplary punishment.  If Huhne had taken his fine and points, he would have lost his licence, which would have been inconvenient.  I doubt if anyone would have decided not to vote for him as a consequence, which it would seem was his big fear.  If anything, we might have felt more kindly-disposed towards him.  One of us, and all that.

But he couldn't take the idea that he might be punished like the rest of us.  He reckoned he was too important than that.  And now he is going to prison.  Good.  As Richard Nixon could have told him, it is never the original offence that does for you; it is always the cover-up.

Learn the lesson, politicians and celebrities: take your medicine and move on.  The rest of us don't really care, unless you suddenly start to behave like the rules don't apply to you.  Then we think you're a prick, and will rub our hands with glee as we watch you slide.

So Huhne is a politician and a liar - but I repeat myself.  Nothing new there.  It's Pryce who has come out of this the worst.  Perfectly happy to go along with the scheme (marital coercion, my arse) until he leaves her and she wants revenge.  The contents of the revealed emails couldn't be clearer.  And I reckon that Isabel Oakshott has a few questions to answer, too.  She virtually talked Pryce into it, almost an agent provocateur.  Another lesson for the pols and celebs - never trust a journalist.  It's the story they want, not justice.  (I enjoy reading Fleet Street Fox, who makes a good case for her profession, but reality tells me that she is in a minority.)

A plague on the lot of them.


  1. The ultimate punishment would be to force the pair to share a cell.

    For the duration.

    1. I'm not sure who I would sympathise with more. It would be a tough eight, sorry, four months for them both, I would imagine.

    2. But at least it would give him a break from Wendolene.

  2. I saw his 'apology' on C4. He did't seem to be very sorry. I got the impression he thoughtt that having got away with it for 10 years it was jolly unfair for it to be brought up again. Wrong.

  3. Twenty_Rothmans12 March 2013 at 19:19

    I can't beat yours, but
    The Pryce of love?

    The cameras cannot take dangerous drivers off the road even when they are being dangerous. Even if you subscribe to the absurd notion that exceeding the speed limit is dangerous (as opposed to exceeding a safe speed), it takes several infractions before the Nazi paedo child-killing speed freak is relieved of his licence.

    They should be punished for being arrogant shits. Sadly, their sycophants will gather around them after their ordeal.

  4. Beware Greek women at any pryce!


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