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Monday, 11 March 2013

Free Gift for Smokers

Library picture, obviously

Ha, that got your attention!

I was clearing out a cupboard last week, and I came across a relic of my pipe-smoking days.  It's a reasonable quantity of tobacco - Gold Block, The Aristocrat Of Pipe Tobaccos - five 50g pouches, total 250g, never opened, still in a sealed box.  I must have bought it on the ferry one year and put it away for later, only for 'later' never to arrive.

I was going to chuck it in the bin, but I hate throwing anything away that could be useful to someone, and then I thought of you guys.

I have no idea how old it is (it is six years since I touched any kind of tobacco), but the box has never been opened, so the baccy is still sealed in its pristine little hermetic pouches.  There isn't a 'best-by' date on it (was there ever such a thing?), but I don't recall tobacco going off in storage very much, not when it has no exposure to the atmosphere or daylight.  But I don't know.  Your risk.  Leg-Iron could probably advise; he seems to be the go-to man on tobacciculture.

Worth about £50 at current prices.  And it may not even have the health warnings on it (the box doesn't), so it is officially harmless.

Anyway, it's free to the first person to claim it - I will tell you how much the postage cost, and you can make an equivalent donation to the charity Help For Heroes or the RNLI.  Fair?

A week, and then it's in the bin.


  1. No interest in the tobacco but I wanted to say I am glad you aren't smoking any more.

    Just think - you'll live to ride longer.

    1. Thank you for your concern for my health! I'm glad, too. Within a week of quitting, I felt 100% better, and there has been no time since then I have wanted to go back. I still support the right of others to do as they please with their own bodies, however. I'm in no danger of becoming an anti-smoking zealot. I know how pleasurable it can be, and I know how hard it is to stop.

      Now I am knocking on the door of 60, I realise that my remaining time on this planet is limited, and I propose to do as much as I can for as long as I can, and that includes a lot of riding motorbikes. Ride on!


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