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- George Washington

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Pam Ayres needn't worry

Courtesy of Boston Police Department:

The hunt is over
The search is done
The terror is over
And justice has won.  
Suspect in custody. 

Good to see that even Boston's finest have poetry in their souls.


  1. Well, presumably they're not that smart. The same report says that the suspect was hiding at home, but the Police never searched it....

    (Welcome back)

  2. Confusion - last I heard he was hiding in a boat in someone's back yard. Apparently the trail of blood gave him away, but only when the police lifted the 'stay indoors' rule and the homeowner was allowed outside. Even then it took an hour's shoot-off and some stun grenades. Funny old world.

  3. Justice has won? Aren't they supposed to have a trial first?

    1. I think that's the general idea. Still, this is 2013, no need for archaic stuff like due process these days, huh?

  4. This whole thing just stinks. I read today he won't be read his Miranda rights. So much for innocent until proven guilty. Even if he did do it, the law dictates his rights get protected during the process.

    We have clients that run/take off because they are worried on how they'll be treated if they just waltz up to a cop if they have a warrant. They are usually correct in that regard.

    Did you see the movie Arlington Road? People need a scapegoat - whether they are guilty or not. I highly recommend the movie.

    1. Don't get me wrong - if someone plants a bomb that kills innocent people, they have no right to merciful treatment. But they have the right to fair treatment, and if we give that up, what are we standing for anyway?

  5. thanks for share..


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