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Saturday, 20 April 2013


In about an hour I am setting off to go to the Thundersprint, described by the Telegraph as "Brilliant bike gathering and sprint meeting" and by the organisers as "Europe's biggest and best motorcycling festival". It's held this year at the Anglesey Race Circuit, and entry includes three laps of the course. It's strictly non-competitive, of course, but I do get a race number and as I have never ridden on a race track before it should be quite a laugh. Hard to think of a less appropriate bike for a race meeting than the XTR (perhaps a full-dress GoldWing) but we'll give it a go.

It's looking like a good day for a ride, with a clear sky and light winds. Tomorrow for the return leg is promised to be wet and cold, so I will be dressing for the worst, not the best. I'm looking forward to meeting Nikos and perhaps some other like-minded folk up there, and pics and a report will surely follow in due course.

Now, where's that First Aid kit ...


  1. "Hard to think of a less appropriate bike for a race meeting than the XTR"

    I did some marshalling at Snetterton donkeys years ago, when I only had my trusty CZ 175. I remember one occasion when we had a new member in the club helping out for the first time. He was detailed to follow me to our designated marshalling point, as I knew the circuit well by then. All was O.K. until we set off down the back straight, at which point he just couldn't bear to sit behind me at my top speed of 70mph...

    So one over enthusiastic newbie came flying past on his Yamaha RD 250 (the earlier air-cooled model) and disappeared into the distance. Unfortunately he didn't realise that the track took a sharp left just before the embankment carrying the access road up to the bridge. I still have vivid memories of his brake light FINALLY coming on, and the smoking back tyre as he slithered to a stop just short of hundreds of tons of earth...

    We didn't let him forget that mistake!

  2. Now that sounds like fun. Jealous!!

    1. It was - see next post.

      I will never feel warm again, though.


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