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Friday, 17 February 2012

An Undignified Manor

According to the Daily Mail, the model Caprice had a night out in London on Wednesday, and when getting into a car on her way home she briefly exposed her stocking tops and suspenders to the waiting paparazzi.

Now, I read the interwebs and I know that celebrities often 'accidentally' show their underwear (or lack of) to the waiting world, especially when climbing in and out of cars. I assume it's some kind of publicity thing.

You know, "Hey, ChelseeaChevrolaye, your public profile has dipped six points. We need to get your gusset into The Sun and fast!"

However, Caprice is not noted for doing this kind of thing, so I will give her a pass on this one and say it was a brief moment of inelegance. The Daily Mail has this to say:
Caprice's fishnet stockings looked perfect before she flashed the undergarments as she sat down in an undignified manor.
At a guess, an undignified manor is where the gangs wear mis-matched clothing and frequently fall over into puddles of muddy water while belching loudly and wiping their mouths with the backs of their hands. Yes, spelling still matters. At any rate, it gives me the opportunity to post what may well be the nicest illustration on this blog for many a month.

Here you go. Click and it gets bigger (fnarr).

Credit: Smartpictures.co.uk


  1. "Yes, spelling still matters."

    Make a habit of reading the papers, as all bloggers seem to, and you'd be forgiven for thinking the opposite!

  2. I don't know about undignified manors or even manners, but both of those seat cushions seem to have split and are showing rather a lot of "Undergarment"....

  3. I think that's a 'design feature'.

    Good to see you are looking closely.

  4. show their underwear (or lack of)

    Underwear or underwhere....?

  5. Seems like a nice girl. Still taking the grim pills though. BTW What uses do the papparazzi actually have, and can you eat a whole one?

  6. Here we are, the world in economic meltdown, the cradle of democarcy and retsina in bankruptcy, Syria self destructing, Mr Cameron kissing Monsieur Sarkozy, Iran splitting the atom, my bathroom project over budget and running late and all the Mail can talk about is a nice bit of thigh and fishnet on someone I've never heard of.....

    Well spotted on the tiepin tho'


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