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- George Washington

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Familar to all those 'owners' of much loved 'pets':

Click for bigger ...


  1. This post should be captioned....."Why I love my cat."

  2. Rescue cat is the main offender in this house. She rips up carpet if she's excluded from a room (like OUR bedroom during the NIGHT, dammit) and delights in shredding my bank statements and insurance certificates. Bonkers dog wouldn't harm a fly, let along a CD.

  3. Only one of our greyhounds has ever chewed anything, that was a £200 shortwave radio, that then cost £120 to repair, I assume it was nice and crunchy.....

  4. We like that. A lot.

    Our greyhound is, well, inquisitive. And strong-jawed. We discovered this when, shortly after he adopted us, we "lost" the TV remote. It was found in his bed. Or, rather, its remains were...


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