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- George Washington

Monday, 6 February 2012

Ride of Respect 2012

I have now registered and booked my place on this year's Ride of Respect. The event is being run, once again, through Royal Wootton Bassett (possibly the town with the most doubled letters in the UK). Logic says it ought to take place at Brize Norton, as that is where the repatriations take place now, but pragmatism says otherwise. The organisers (to whom a flamboyant tip of the skid-lid) just couldn't go through it all again with a new County Council, a new Police Force, and so on. Maybe next year.

I have booked for the 10.00 am start. Last year, I was late registering and had to start at 9.00 am, which meant a fiendishly early departure from home, but this year I have been a bit more organised and given myself a bit more leeway.

If anyone reading this is planning on going on the ride, drop me an email and we could meet up for a cup of mud and a corpseburger. Or just a manly chat. Up to you.


  1. Just give me ten years of your life ...

  2. Remember to look out for Sally Pussey's Inn :-)



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